Life Insurance

We create highly customized Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) policies for ultra-high net worth individuals.

Private Placement Life Insurance

PPVLI encompasses a broad range of specific life insurance and annuity policies that typically have large face amounts and underlying investments that include private placement securities such as hedge funds, private equity, or other alternative investment categories such as commodities or real estate.

Key benefits of PPVLI compared to traditional insurance products include minimal and transparent fees, no up-front commissions and highly customized funding and ownership structures. Availability of investment options for underlying policy assets (contributed premiums) ranging from a number of Insurance Dedicated Funds (“IDF’s) to Separately Managed Accounts (“SMA’s) having open-architecture approaches allowing the full range of insurance-eligible investment alternatives.

Private Placement Variable Annuities

Deferred Variable Annuity policies (PPVA)

PPVA offers the investment flexibility and cash value accumulation of PPVUL, without a death benefit payment. In the United States and many other countries, investment gains inside life insurance and annuity policies are not taxed.